Do I need an NHS Dentist or Dental Hygienist?

On a tight schedule and balancing a family, work, and a social, you might have time for one much-needed appointment that week. You’ve encountered a problem or some changes in your mouth, but you’re not sure whether to book in with your NHS dentist or your dental hygienist, and you don’t have time for both. Does this situation sound for familiar? At Blossom Dental Care, we understand the demands of a busy lifestyle and want to help set things straight for you. Here’s when to opt for a dental hygienist, or an NHS dentist!

‘I have bad breath’

This is a job for your dental hygienist. Bad breath, or halitosis, typically occurs because of improper dental hygiene habits, an increased presence of bacteria in the mouth, or gum disease.  Your dental hygienist can help with all of the above during a professional cleaning. This treatment will help to treat the signs of gum disease and remove plaque, which is a build-up of bacteria that releases foul-smelling toxins that taint your breath. At these hygienist appointments, we can also provide you with professional advice and product recommendations so that you may promote your dental health at home, too.

‘I have a cavity’

Cavities are a result of decay that has eaten away at the surface of your teeth and produced a groove, dent, or crater in them. This, then, is a job for your dentist. Two different treatments can be offered here for cavities: NHS fillings (amalgam, which is metal), or white fillings (which are cosmetic and therefore private dental treatments made of tooth-coloured composite). Treating a cavity, whether with your NHS dentist or private dentist, is essential because otherwise, you run the risk of your cavity developing into something more sinister.

‘I think I have gum disease’

If you’re noticing red, swollen, sensitive, and receding gums in your mouth, then you’re probably experiencing gum disease. These are some of the most prevalent symptoms, but if you’re noticing your gums receding then you could be on the worrying end of the disease. Gum disease is best handled by your dental hygienist, as they are specifically trained in promoting your gum health with professional cleanings and even tartar removal, which can only be removed in practice.

‘I have a toothache’

If you have a toothache, this one is a job for your NHS dentist, as you might need a root canal. This treatment is necessary when your dental pulp becomes inflamed and infected through untreated cavities and decay. The infected pulp will need to be removed and the tooth sealed off from further harm. This treatment is available through your NHS dentist as a subsidised treatment, so if you’re in any discomfort and pain then definitely get in touch.

NHS dentist and dental hygienist in York

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