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Single Tooth Dental Implants

Are you in need of a tooth replacement? We’ve helped many patients rediscover their smiles with our gold-standard single tooth implant treatment. Our dental implants in York look natural. Just as importantly, they also help to care for your dental health.

Over time, a missing tooth can cause neighbouring teeth to move into the gap created and deterioration of the bone that surrounds the lost tooth root. A single dental implant is the perfect tooth replacement solution, it acts as an artificial tooth root helping to preserve bone without affecting adjacent teeth. The crown that is attached to it is carefully crafted to blend and match with the rest of your teeth.


Our implant expert, Dr James Harrison, has successfully placed over 500 tooth implants for patients across York. These patients are now able to smile with real confidence and enjoy the foods they love.



  • Dental implants are a perfect solution for tooth replacement, they look and feel like the real thing. They can replace single or several missing teeth and can also be used to securely fix dentures.

    The implant is a titanium screw that is placed beneath the gum line and into the jawbone. This small surgical procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic. Over time the surrounding bone begins to integrate with the implant, which essentially acts as an artificial tooth root.

    When healing is completed, individual crowns or bridges can be attached to the implants. Our dental implants in York usually take around 3 to 6 months to heal, so it’s possible to wear temporary crowns or bridges during this time.

  • Your dentist in York will numb your gums so that you do not feel any discomfort. Afterwards, over the counter painkillers are normally enough to control any discomfort, even after extensive treatment.

  • This does depend on factors such as the severity of any gum disease and individual needs, but generally, tooth implant treatment takes between 3 and 6 months.* If you have any failing teeth, the first step would be to remove them before the implant process begins. The implants would then be placed into the gum and jawbone and left to heal for at least 3 months. Finally, your perfectly-matched crown, bridge or denture is fitted onto the implant/s making them a great solution for tooth replacement!

  • We’ll do everything we can to make sure you feel confident and comfortable with your new smile. That means ensuring you have the opportunity to preview your smile before it’s fitted. For most patients, we can also give you the chance to see how your smile will look in your mouth before any work is carried out.

  • If you care for dental implants properly, they can last for many years. One of their great benefits is that you care for them just as you would natural teeth. You’ll need to brush twice a day and floss once a day, and it’s also essential to attend check-ups and hygiene appointments.

Single Tooth Dental Implants Before and After Results

John came to us when one of his old crowns at the front broke off and was unable to be saved. During the consultation, it was identified that John had many other old tired crowns at the front of his mouth and he said he had always felt these were too yellow. Following a 2 week home whitening course we placed a single tooth implant to replace the missing tooth and new state of the art ceramic crowns and bridges to give John the new smile he wanted.

Philipa had been a member of the practice for a long time when one of her crowns at the front broke off. The crown had been placed on a post many years ago and could not be kept going any longer. She had been wearing a denture but found it incredibly difficult to eat with and had lost the enjoyment of her food. She decided to have a dental implant placed as it would provide a secure, fixed result.

Peter was a retired school teacher and existing patient of the practice. He had lost an old post/crown several months ago when he decided that he was unhappy with wearing a denture and wanted a fixed option. Peter decided to have a single tooth implant because it would not damage any of his natural teeth but would mean he could throw away his denture paste forever.

Carole suffered an unfortunate accident during which her front tooth was fractured. She wore a denture during the healing period but with her being a school teacher she was constantly worried about her denture falling out or becoming loose in front of her class. We reviewed her long terms options and Carole decided that she wanted a fixed tooth and that a Dental Implant would be her best option. She chose to have a Ceramic Abutment and Ceramic Crown to get the best appearance possible.

“I had a decaying tooth which could not be treated so was extracted. Rather than have an unsightly gap I invested in an implant despite being aged over 70. I now possess a line of even visible teeth from which the implant cannot be detected.”

Christina worked in a very public facing job constantly dealing with customers so when she lost a tooth visible in her smile she had become very self conscious about it. Her neighbouring teeth were in fantastic condition and obviously she did not want to cut them down to support a bridge. Christina elected to have a dental implant with a ceramic abutment and ceramic crown to maximise the overall result.

“Thank you and your team for doing great work in the first place straightening my teeth and then doing both implants and bridgework. It gives me pleasure to have straight healthy looking teeth and it was well worth the time and investment required. I would recommend anyone to the friendly and professional treatment that I received.” “I still can’t believe that they are my teeth when I smile.”



Why Choose Blossom Family Dental Care?

  • Replace single missing teeth
  • Restore your mouth’s function
  • Looks and feels just like your real teeth
  • Allow you to smile, eat and chew with confidence
  • Reduce wear & tear on the teeth near the gaps