5 reasons why everyone’s raving about Invisalign

What’s the big deal about Invisalign? It’s a braces system that offers discreet alignment for both adults and teens, but is it really as ‘practically invisible’ and effective as 5 million people worldwide seem to think it is?

We here at the Blossom Dental Studio in York are firm believers in the Invisalign braces brand. We have helped many customers achieve straighter teeth and a more attractive smile by fitting these braces and the feedback we’ve had is that they believe they felt less self-conscious wearing them, than if they’d had a traditional train track style brace applied.

To help you make up your mind about whether Invisalign is for you, we’ve put together our 5 top reasons why the Invisalign system is our favourite brand.

1. They are effective

Whatever the orthodontic issue you’re experiencing; whether it’s a bite problem, protruding teeth, overlapping teeth or gappy teeth, Invisalign braces should be able to correct it and straighten your teeth quickly and efficiently.

2. They’re removable

This means that you’ll remove them before eating and before brushing your teeth. You can make sure that your teeth are being cleaned as thoroughly as normal (it’s more difficult to keep teeth clean when you have brackets bonded to them) and if you go out for a meal with friends, you won’t even be wearing your braces, so social awkwardness won’t be a problem.

3. They’re hard to see

One of the main advantages of Invisalign braces is they’re very discreet. They’re made of clear thermoplastic.

4. They’re comfortable to wear

There are no metal edges to catch on the inside of your lips and as they’re custom-made to fit your exact teeth, they should fit snugly over the top.

5. It’s easy for parents to check that their teenagers are wearing the braces for enough hours

For the braces to be effective, they need to be worn for 20 hours in every 24 hours. Blue dot indicators on the side of the braces will indicate to parents that their children are compliant and that their treatment will be complete within the estimated timeframe.

To find out for yourself whether Invisalign braces are going to suit you, please get in touch with our York reception team to book yourself in for a consultation. Our expert dentists will be able to advise you as to whether you’re a suitable candidate for this particular system and offer you a range of other options if not.

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