Why you should choose Invisalign

According to leading dental publications, as many as 40% of the British public are unhappy with their teeth. Our teeth certainly mean a lot to us, for their visible during almost all of our speech and expressions. If you’re unhappy with crooked, misaligned, or just generally unappealing teeth, then the chances are you’ve considered straightening them before. Many adults, however, shy away from adult braces for fear of the dreaded train track appearance and instead think they must choose the metal braces or bust. This indeed is not the case and we’d like to introduce you to Invisalign in York.

What are Invisalign aligners?

Invisalign is an impressive tooth straightening system that does the job exactly like the traditional brace but looks nothing like them. They distance themselves from the traditional brace’s negative characteristics to create a far superior patient journey. Invisalign aligners are two separate trays one for your top row of teeth, one for the lower – one that fits over your teeth. They’re custom made to your mouth and are therefore are far more personalised tooth straightening system.

infographic about invisalign

Invisalign are essentially clear braces

Invisalign take traditional braces and turn all of their negatives into positives. For example, a lot of adults opt for Invisalign because the aligner trays are clear. This means they’re incredibly discreet, allowing your natural teeth to show through the plastic so that they don’t mar your smile. There are no metal wires or brackets, but instead, a smooth clear plastic that doesn’t infringe on your natural expression and confidence.

Invisalign are removable

They are indeed removable and are not fused to your teeth with dental adhesives, brackets, and wires, but instead fit over your teeth similar to a gum shield albeit a clear, more comfortable and more natural-looking gum shield. They can be taken out for meals, teeth cleaning, and the occasional photo opportunity or social gathering so you don’t find yourself limited to the close-lipped smile.

Invisalign don’t limit your diet

Adult braces come with a lot of considerations and a long list of them. Don’t eat apples, crusty bread, toffee, or any sticky sweets for that matter – the list continues and can be very limiting to your diet. Because Invisalign are removable, there’s no need to alter your mealtimes or skip over your favourites on the dinner menu. Instead you can simply remove the aligner, enjoy your meal, clean your teeth and aligner and pop it back in when you’re done.

Invisalign are more comfortable to wear

There are a lot of discomforts associated with lingual braces, these being the traditional metal kind. Because they’re fused to your teeth, there’s a lot of pulling and forcing your teeth into a more aligned position. Not only this, but your wires can snap, or a bracket can shift causing a lot of discomforts not only on your teeth but your gums and soft tissues too. Invisalign braces are made of a smooth yet durable plastic, so there should be very little discomfort enacted upon your soft tissues.

Invisalign is the clear brace solution that has soared in popularity in York. Here at Blossom Dental in York, we provide Invisalign aligners to patients seeking a true teeth transformation. Achieve a straighter smile in a discreet and comparatively comfortable treatment journey by booking your initial consultation today.