Why Invisalign Is Great For Teenagers

When it comes to teenagers, they can be a tricky bunch to please. We all know how image-conscious we were back then, and how much others’ opinions affected our confidence (and our choices). The good news is, that Invisalign braces are highly suited for today’s teens – and here’s why. 

1. Removable at any time 

Whether it’s prom, a date or school photo day, teenagers will be pleased to know that Invisalign aligners can easily be removed from their teeth – with no sign they were ever there. Providing your teen wears them as directed – usually 20-22 hours per day – their treatment will stay on track. That’s great news for their smile – and your cash!

2. Super discreet on smiles

Many people – both adults and teenagers – want their treatment to stay on the down low. Having braces can make people feel anxious that others will know they’re undergoing treatment, and this can even put people off having it in the first place. Invisalign braces are designed to be as discreet as possible – and the clue is in the name since ‘’Invisalign’’ is derived from the words ’invisible’’ and ‘’aligners’’. The clear plastic used is difficult to detect when being worn, which means many teens are more than happy to give it a go. 

3. Comfortable on gums

Traditional fixed braces – metal wires, brackets, elastic ties, headgear – not only look uncomfortable, but it often feels uncomfortable, too. Wires need to be frequently adjusted, ties can snap, and all sorts of problems can happen – not to mention the constant pressure on the teeth. While Invisalign aligners do use pressure to gently align the smile, they can be removed at any time. And, in fact, most patients only report discomfort when changing sets. Even better, Invisalign braces are trimmed for your gumline to ensure a snug and comfortable fit. 

4. State-of-the-art treatment 

Teens live in a digital age today, so dental treatments must keep up. Invisalign not only uses clever technology to plot how the teeth need to move but also creates a picture of the incredible results you’ll enjoy at the end of treatment. If that wasn’t impressive enough, your teen can download the dedicated Invisalign app to keep on top of their treatment and share snaps with friends. 

5. No change in diet

Is your teenager a fussy eater? Or do they have habits like crunching ice and chewing gum? Whatever it is, with Invisalign braces, it is less of a concern – as long as they pop out their aligners first. Just remind them about that 22 hours of wear, and to stow them in their handy storage case when removed. 

How can we help?

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