Why Consider Braces?

Here at Blossom Dental Care, based in York, our patients come to us for many different treatments, from routine dentistry such as fillings, to cosmetic procedures such as our Invisalign braces. But why seek out braces, and what benefits do they have? We’ll explain all in this special blog post.

A straighter smile

The main advantage to braces – and the main reason our patients pursue treatment – is to create a straighter smile. In fact, there are lots of types of smiles we can help treat, including gappy or crowded teeth. Treatment time does vary, but it’s possible that your smile could be corrected in as little as 6 months. And, with Invisalign braces, you can be sure that the procedure is comfortable and discreet, too.

Renewed confidence

The biggest draw to braces is undoubtedly the confidence they instil once treatment is over. To be able to show off your smile – proudly – and go from self-conscious to confident can actually impact your life in so many different areas.

With Invisalign teen, young people can also have teeth straightening treatment. The positive impact this could have on their wellbeing and mindset is worth it alone!

A healthier mouth

For some patients, such as those who seek treatment for crowded teeth, braces could lead to a healthier mouth. This is because through straightening the teeth, braces reveal more of the surface of the teeth, leaving fewer places for bacteria to breed. In turn, this could reduce the likelihood of tooth decay and associated tooth loss.

Easier eating

If your teeth cause bite problems, you may find it difficult to eat certain foods, or avoid some altogether. Through teeth straightening treatment, you can look forward to eating a normal diet once more.

Reduced headaches & earaches

The position of your bite can also lead to problems such as earaches and headaches. With correction, this risk can be reduced – so not only will you be able to eat normally, but you’ll feel more comfortable, too.

Book in with Blossom

From an existing patient to a new patient, we’re happy to have you. Get in touch with us via our contact page and book in for your assessment, where we’ll take a look at your smile, recommend a treatment for you and book you in at a time to suit you.

Here in York, our practice is known for being professional yet friendly, giving you complete peace of mind over every aspect of your treatment with us.