Which Dental Care is Right for Me?

NHS dentist or private dentist? While many people know that there are two types of dentistry available, many also struggle to decide between which is the better option for their care. Here at Blossom Dental Care, a celebrated dentist here in York, we’re known for being both an NHS dentist and a private dentist – so feel well-placed to offer some guidance on the subject.

Types of care

One of the most important distinctions between an NHS dentist and a private dentist is the range of treatments on offer. NHS care typically focuses on general dentistry, with a more health or function-based offering, whereas private dentistry can include these alongside cosmetic treatments, such as whitening.

Paying for care

When it comes to general care, many people notice immediately that a big difference between a private dentist and an NHS dentist is the cost. Private dentistry can seem more expensive at first glance; but while treatment isn’t ‘better’ in terms of the quality you’ll receive, it can involve using more innovative or complex technology. For example, a private dentist may recommend clear and removable Invisalign braces, rather than traditional metal wire brackets. In addition, a private dentist may be able to see you more quickly than an NHS dentist. Finally, a private dentist may be able to offer finance – we at Blossom Dental Care offer 0% – while NHS dentists use pricing bands to categorise treatments.

Deciding what’s right for you

As we offer both private and NHS dentistry here at our York practice, you may be able to benefit from both types of care – so for all your general, health-related dentistry, you could take advantage of the NHS costings, while you’d still be able to undergo cosmetic treatments with us using our 0% finance if desired. Some of our treatments can be carried out at the same time – regardless of whether they’re private or NHS.

Booking in with Blossom

Whatever type of treatment you’re looking for, when it comes to improving the health and appearance of your smile, we have you covered. From popular cosmetic treatments such as dental implants and teeth whitening to essential hygiene appointments and routine dentistry such as extractions and root canals, our friendly York practice and skilled dentists can help.

To book in with us, simply visit our contact page today, and our dedicated, friendly team will be in touch to organise your appointment.