What Braces Are Suitable For Me?

We all want to get that perfect smile. Whether it is dull and stained teeth that need a brightening boost, poor oral care that needs a lovely scale and polish, or a question of wonky, misaligned teeth that can be given a beautifully straight aesthetic, we can help.

Here in York, our expert dentists have been carrying out top dental treatments for years – and our patients love their results. We’ve proudly looked after whole families during our time, and love nothing more than seeing those same old faces come in for a routine visit or something a bit more special.

Today, we’re talking about adult braces – one of the treatments we’re extremely skilled at. Find out what’s available, what could be suitable for you, and how to arrange your treatment in today’s post.

So, what’s available?

We offer two types of adult braces here in York: Invisalign braces and Damon braces. These work in very different ways, though there are some similarities between them. We’ll outline how they work below:

Invisalign braces: removable, clear, discreet aligners. An advanced treatment program scans your smile, determines a treatment course and even predicts your results with 3D technology. Your aligners are then developed for each stage of treatment, which you’ll cycle through every few weeks.

Damon braces: fixed, discreet adult braces. Though these are more similar to traditional wire and bracket braces, they are self-litigating – so can be easily adjusted to keep your teeth on track while minimising any discomfort on the way. We highly recommend them in complex cases.

What’s suitable for me?

We’ll find that out during your first stage of treatment – the consultation. Here, we’ll build a picture of your smile, talk through any relevant past or future treatment (such as crowns) and ensure we can create the results you’re looking for.

Generally speaking, Invisalign braces are a great option for those looking for a flexible option, and as well as being adult braces, they’re often loved by teens – with parents having peace of mind too since they come with a special indicator to show they’re being worn for the correct amount of time. Damon braces, on the other hand, are usually recommended in more complex cases. But, they too can be worn by teens. 

What’s next?

Contact us to book your consultation, and we’ll handle the rest. Our friendly dentists here at Blossom Dental, York would love to help you achieve the smile of your dreams!