What Are The Benefits Of Dental Implants?

Dental implants are an established procedure that endeavours to prevent oral health complications that can occur as a result of tooth loss. Each implant at Blossom Dental Care, York is produced with a titanium screw, which connects to the jawbone to substitute the root of the incompetent tooth. As implants are connected to the patient’s jaw, they provide a durable, strong foundation for artificial teeth. Despite having elements of titanium, our dental implants are carefully designed to look as natural and undetectable as possible.

The Most Natural-Appearing Alternative to Teeth

Dental implants are the most natural alternative to your natural teeth. At our York practice, implants are colour matched and shaped to blend in with your surrounding teeth giving you unique, incredible results that not only strengthen your bite but leave you with the confidence of a beautiful smile. Even if someone were to analyse your teeth closely, they would remain undetectable.

Dental Implants in York

Strengthen Dentures

Dentures and dental bridges are connected directly to implants; creating a natural feel compared to traditional bridges and dentures. This reduces issues that are typically associated with dentures including speech and eating; whilst increasing their durability. Dental implants can also be used to restore loose dentures, as even the most expertly placed dentures can become unfixed over time, but with dental implants, you can feel at ease with the knowledge they are securely fitted.

Long-Term Treatment

Dental Implants can be relied upon as a long-term solution to missing teeth, but you should care for them in the same respect as your natural teeth. Regular cleaning and attendance at maintenance appointments will have a large effect on the longevity of your treatment. With attentive care and awareness, these implants can last for many years – but as with any surgical implant, there is no lifetime guarantee.

If you neglect implants, a coating grows and if overlooked, this bacterial coating can evolve into gum infection, bleeding, soreness and day to day discomfort and stress – similar to issues with natural teeth.

Why Blossom Dental Care?

Our implant dentist, James Harrison is a successful and experienced implantologist, with a high success rate for implants. As well as providing an expert-led procedure, Blossom Dental Care are proud to offer our Dental Implant patients a 10-year guarantee, to patients who attend at least two hygiene appointments per year – so that we can work together to maintain the fantastic results.

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