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We’re a well-known dentist here in York and the surrounding areas, and were proudly voted Best Practice in the UK in 2018. We offer a range of services, and are known for being an NHS dentist, private dentist and emergency dentist – so whatever the situation, you can rely on us to help.

In this post, our dentists share exactly what’s covered with our NHS arm.


These are simply another way of looking at your mouth, teeth and gums. They’re useful for spotting hidden decay, bone loss and abnormalities. Your dentist might also require them if you have an abscess or infection. Finally, in children, they help assure that there’s space for all the teeth to come through properly, and can identify problems such as impacted teeth.

Hygiene treatments

These cover everything from your traditional scale and polish, to offering advice and information about the best products for your smile, to our top oral health techniques, which can help ensure you’re cleaning thoroughly and effectively. Hygiene appointments can be carried out by a hygienist or a dentist.

Fillings and root canals

When decay has set in, a cavity (hole in the tooth) is the result. This can weaken the tooth and, if left untreated, could result in the tooth needing to be removed altogether. Our dentists use fillings to patch up the hole to strengthen the tooth and ensure you can smile and chew freely, while root canal treatment is essential in situations where an infection has set in inside the tooth.


There are so many reasons for tooth extraction – it’s not simply a side-effect from poor oral care. Teeth may need removing if they are impacting on other teeth and causing crowding, or if, for an example, you have a wisdom tooth coming through at an angle. It’s also possible that you’ll have a tooth extracted owing to an accident or injury (though you may need to see the emergency dentist for this).

Of course, there can be situations where inadequate teeth-cleaning causes a dentist to remove a tooth, such as gum or periodontal disease or severe decay.


Things like dentures and bridges are often referred to as ‘dental appliances’. These can be essential for you to retain bite and chew functions. Also covered in this bracket are dental crowns, a kind of ‘cap’ for your tooth.

What isn’t covered by NHS treatment?

Cosmetic treatments aren’t covered by NHS treatment, but can be provided by your private dentist. The NHS can also provide emergency dentist treatment.

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