Is Invisalign Worth It?

Adult braces can seem like a big commitment – not just in cost, but in time, too. Well, here at Blossom, your friendly York private dentists, we don’t think anything should be a barrier to a smile makeover using Invisalign. In this post, we’ll go through ten reasons we think Invisalign braces are worth the time and effort.

1. Creates a straighter smile

The top reason has to be straighter teeth – that’s usually the reason our patients seek out Invisalign braces in the first place! Straighter teeth can have lots of advantages. They can help with bite problems, support the structure of your face and could even make you look younger or more attractive.

2. Improves oral health

Many patients don’t realise that clear braces have huge oral health benefits – although it does depend on what problem you’re trying to treat. For instance, those with gaps in their teeth can find food and bacteria easily accumulate there (precursors for decay), so bringing teeth closer together and more uniform could solve this problem. And, if you’ve been neglectful of your smile in the past, cleaning both your teeth and your Invisalign braces can set you into a much better oral health routine for the future.

3. Targets problem teeth

Invisalign braces can help with a multitude of bite problems, including overbite, underbite, crossbite and overbite. Bite problems can lead to wear and tear on the teeth, can affect your ability to eat and chew properly and could cause future issues such as TMJ. There’s also a teen clear brace available, which means these types of problems can be corrected before they get worse. Even if you’re seeking an adult brace, it’s better late than never – especially if you haven’t noticed any warning signs (such as chipped teeth).

4. Restores lost confidence

Whether you’re a teen who’s still in school or you are in your thirties and seeking an adult brace, our private dentists know that wonky teeth can be a confidence crusher, whatever your age and life stage. That’s one of the most rewarding parts of being a private dentist – improving patients’ smiles so that they feel happier, healthier and more confident than they thought possible. Why not join us on the journey? Book your Invisalign treatment today!

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