Why your family needs a children’s dentist

Children’s milk teeth fall out and are replaced by adult teeth, this much is true, so is children’s dental care really that important? Should we be spending time on teeth that are temporary, anyway? Well, the answer is absolutely we should. Visiting a children’s dentist regularly and maintaining your child’s dental care is vital to teaching them important lessons for life and sparing them health issues and discomfort along the way.

Children’s dentists teach health lessons for life

It’s important to see your children’s dental health, even in milk teeth, as an investment into their future. Teaching your child why it’s so important to take care of their teeth, regularly visit a dentist, and maintain a healthy lifestyle will help them form routines they will take into their teenage years and adulthood. Dental health and hygiene lessons should be learnt for life, so if we begin teaching our children early that the dentist is nothing to shy away from, then you make it more likely that they’ll continue to pay attention to their teeth for years and decades to come.

Avoid the dental nerves

A lot of nervous patients attribute their dental phobia (which is very real) to bad experiences with the dentist dating back to early childhood. Making dentistry fun and not intimidating is our job, which we think we do quite well, but you should introduce your children to the dentist as soon as they begin to develop their first teeth. Getting them used to the dental office, having their teeth looked at, and meeting the friendly staff will help show them that dentists aren’t scary at all! We’re just here to help.

Health problems commonly encountered by a children’s dentist

Public Health England (PHE) shared scary statistics that show 141 children are admitted to hospital a day to have rotten teeth removed because of sugar consumption and lack of teeth cleaning. This is a worrying number of children in pain, discomfort, and at risk of unhealthy lifestyles and diets! Cavities, inflamed gums, and decay are commonly seen by children’s dentists and often prompt the need for fillings or dental work, or even extractions! Not only are these health problems uncomfortable and a little intimidating for young children, but they might also indicate the level of care they’ll provide to their developing adult teeth.

Our top tips on dental care for children

  • As soon as your child begins to grow their first teeth, book their first dentist appointment. We can offer advice on dental health, how to clean their teeth, and what to expect as they grow up.
  • Use a children’s toothpaste that includes fluoride, a naturally occurring mineral that is commonly used to strengthen children’s teeth against cavities.
  • Ensure your children maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet. This doesn’t mean going to the extreme or spending lots of money on a food shop but eating smart and not indulging in fizzy drinks could go a long way to maintaining your children’s health.
  • Find a dentist that offers both NHS dental care and private care – this was you and your family can receive the care you need yet also have the opportunity to discover cosmetic dentistry for teens and beyond.

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