Choosing the right dentist

If you have teeth missing and you’re considering having dental implants placed, one of the most important decisions you can make is which dentist in York performs the procedure for you. Having dental implants fitted is invasive, because your gum will be opened to insert the implant and stitched once its in place.

There will also be a healing period of at least a few weeks. You need to make sure that when your gum is healed and your permanent crown is added to the top, your implant is going to look and feel just like a natural tooth. That’s the aim with a tooth implant. You need to be reassured that the implantologist you use is extensively trained and experienced, in order for the risks involved to be minimised.

Here at the Dental Implant Centre in York, we are passionate about placing implants. Robert Glover, our resident expert in implant dentistry, qualified as a dentist at Newcastle University in 1992, before going on to get a distinction in his MSc in Implant Dentistry at Warwick University and Medical School in 2006. Since then he has successfully placed over 3000 implants.

Having attained the highest possible level of qualification in Implant Dentistry, Robert can perform all procedures related to tooth implants, including cosmetic work and bone grafting. He has exceptional experience in this field and knowledge, which he passes onto others, via his teaching and lecturing work throughout the UK. If you’re going to have an implant fitted, you can’t really ask for more experience and expertise than Robert has. His incredible success rate is 99.7%.

What does a tooth implant procedure in York involve?

Tooth implants consist of two parts. The titanium implant itself is placed in the gum and encouraged to fuse with jawbone. Once that heals, a natural-looking crown is added to the top. The nature of the tooth implant used depends on the individual. It relies on the recipient having a healthy jawbone, but all this will be discussed during your consultation with Robert Glover.

Once you have an implant in place, dentures and bridges can be attached to it. It provides a very secure anchor for them, allowing you to have more than one tooth replaced at once, using only a few implants. Tooth implants, once in place are permanent and will not be removed. Many of our customers’ implants have remained in place for over 30 years.

Tooth implants from our York practice can restore your smile to its former attractiveness, as well as help prevent problems that having teeth missing in your mouth may cause. You won’t feel self-conscious any more because you have missing teeth, as it will be virtually impossible for others to tell you’re wearing implants.

Gain more confidence in your smile by enquiring about an implant today. The sooner you enquire about implants after losing a tooth, the easier it will potentially be have an implant fitted.