How to look after your children’s teeth

Introducing your family and children to proper dental care and hygiene habits is so important. This will help teach them lessons for life, keeping their teeth healthy and happy. Just like washing their hands, cleaning their teeth should become an important part of their day-to-day life. We know that kids can see cleaning their teeth as a chore or responsibility, and naturally they’ll be cheeky and try to skip it. We’re here to share some tips on how to look after your children’s teeth, and how to teach them the importance of it too!

Keep sweet treats in moderation.

Everyone is guilty of a little sweet tooth, especially as children, and sometimes it’s just too tempting to sneak some treats from the cupboard. Teach your children that fizzy drinks, sweets, and chocolate are tasty, but in moderation. A great way to do this is to introduce them as a treat for special occasions like the weekend or at parties. This allows them a little bit of a treat in moderation while maintaining that the rest of the time, we should be mindful of what we eat and drink. Keeping these sugar levels low and monitored ensures you can look after your children’s teeth.

Help them understand why.

Your children’s teeth are a great way to practice dental hygiene before they are replaced by their permanent adult teeth. If they’re getting it right on their baby teeth, then they’ll continue these habits on their important adult teeth. Teach them about cavities, how sugar attacks the teeth, and how a tooth falling out when you’re an adult is bad news. Cavities in children are on the increase, with the number of children undergoing surgical tooth extractions rising by 17% since 2013. Teach them how to look after their baby teeth and they’re far more likely to use those same principles on their adult teeth and will be able to avoid extraction.

Be a great role model!

Children mimic what we do and say, so the best way to look after your children’s teeth is to look after yours too. Show your kids the fundamental ins and outs of tooth cleaning and proper hygiene so they’ll learn habits to maintain their baby teeth and adult teeth. When to brush and how long for are the first steps, and there a range of child-friendly toothpastes and toothbrushes waiting to make teeth cleaning fun.

Introduce them to the dentist early.

One of the best ways to ensure your child learns valuable lessons about dental health is by introducing to them to the dentist at an early age. Show them we’re nothing to be afraid of and here to help them in their journey to happy and healthy teeth. Helping them to view the dentist as both necessary and beneficial will lead to them developing habitual visits and a certain awareness of their dental health. Look after your children’s teeth by letting us help you to by introducing them to us from an early age.

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