Avoiding the dentist: are you one of the guilty 2 million?

We know that coming to see us at our York dental practice might be not your exact idea of a fun day out. Don’t worry, we’re not offended (much…) but we enjoy seeing our patients and always endeavour to make your appointments informative and comfortable. We would always, always, recommend booking a dental appointment as soon as you’re finished with your previous. However, lots of people just avoid the dentist altogether.

The National Dental Survey, conducted by Bupa Dental Care, revealed that more than 2 million adults in the UK haven’t been to the dentist in over 10 years! We recommend routine check-ups and appointments, but a whole decade is a very long time to sweep your dental health under the carpet.

If you’ve not been to the dentist in a year, let alone 10, think how much might’ve changed. Your diet, lifestyle, and even the ageing process can affect your teeth and jaw. Even without noticing the changes yourself, with it being over a long period of time, your dentist might find something that is cause for concern. We’d always recommend a dental appointment, and not shying away from us for years upon years. We don’t bite, we promise.

The same survey also found that more than a third of Brits admit they ignore dental pain or mask it with the help of pain killers. Sweeping any kind of dental pain away with a paracetamol won’t do your dental health any favours. By pushing the pain out of feeling and out of mind, then you are essentially pretending a worrying dental problem isn’t there. This pain could be decay, infection, gum disease, or muscle cramp from clenching. Some of these conditions are known to lead to tooth loss when left unaddressed and acting too late risks our ability to save your natural tooth. Of course, we offer dental implants, but it’s so much more rewarding for us when we save a tooth before they become necessary.

Nearly a quarter of those surveyed, at 22%, skip brushing their teeth if they’re in a rush. By not brushing our teeth morning and night or after each meal, we leave food debris on our teeth. This debris attracts harmful bacteria that eats away at the food, producing toxins and acids that wear away our protective enamel. This then leads to decay, and when left on the gums it causes gum disease. Skipping brushing your teeth lets these toxins remain on your teeth for potentially the whole day and repeating this behaviour will eventually lead to some nasty toothache and potential tooth loss.

Lots of people don’t think about their teeth until a problem becomes evident, and by this time it can be too late to act. We champion preventative dental care because we catch these conditions and problems early, allowing us to manage their development and prolong your dental health. By skipping out on your dentist for years at a time, you’re missing countless vital opportunities to avoid tooth loss, discolouration and staining, and gum disease.

Visiting your hygienist is a great way to prevent disease and decay and reduce visible staining. If you haven’t booked an appointment with our dental hygienist, then you may want to come and say hello. Blossom Dental Care & Implant Studio in York are always happy to see patients both new and existing, so don’t jeopardise your dental health. Pop in and see us today.