Are there health benefits to Invisalign braces?

You’d be surprised with what health benefits are packed into the invisible brace we call the Invisalign when it comes to straightening your teeth. They’re the removable, discreet and relatively comfortable orthodontic system that helps to improve the health of your gums, teeth and bite! Here at Blossom Dental, we uncover the secrets behind Invisalign’s greatness and how easy it is to get your hands on in York.

Invisalign braces help protect against gum disease

When you have gaps in your smile, your teeth create irregular spaces that expose the soft tissues of your gums. These gaps make it easy for bacteria and plaque to build up around the base of the teeth and rest atop the gum line in hand-to-reach areas. The plaque can irritate your gums and cause gum disease, which shows itself as red, swollen, and occasionally bleeding gums. This can also cause the gum tissue to recede from the teeth, giving the elongated look of tooth appearances and even causing instability. Gum disease is incredibly common in the UK and contributes a lot to losing an adult tooth. Closing these gaps with Invisalign bracers helps to draw teeth back into alignment and cover over the vulnerable areas of gums, lessening the risks of developing or worsening gum disease.

Invisalign braces help protect against cavities

Closing gaps in your teeth isn’t the only way Invisalign braces improve your dental health. Crowded and irregular alignment can create a crooked smile with overlapping teeth. These teeth provide the perfect folds and books for plaque and bacteria to hide away in, and their irregularity helps to shield them from brushing. Any shelter for bacteria and plaque is a cavity risk, so crooked teeth being hard to clean properly could lead to decay and enamel erosion. Invisalign braces will straighten your teeth to create a more even surface area. This not only provides a straighter smile but also creates a surface area that is far easier to clean and fewer opportunities for plaque to stow away in your mouth.

Invisalign braces help to correct your bite

You may not realise it just yet, but a misaligned bite could be causing you severe pain in your head, neck, shoulders and jaw. When your teeth fit together in an irregular pattern, your jaw can sometimes compensate for the lack of symmetry by letting them sit in a more accommodating position in your mouth. This can be an open bite (when the back teeth meet together when biting down or rest, but the front teeth don’t) or a crossbite ( when one jaw sits off-centre from the other, creating a cross of teeth). Bite issues like these can cause speech impediments, strain, tooth wear and tear, and even TMJ. By correcting bite issues using Invisalign braces, you could drastically change the way your jaw and teeth fit together.

Invisalign braces in York are a favourite tooth straightening system because they are clear and removable. If you’d like to book your initial consultation then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us today.