Adult Orthodontics in York are so Discreet You Don’t Have to Tell Anyone You’re Wearing Braces!

You feel embarrassed about your crooked teeth, yet you haven’t yet looked into the possibility of having adult braces fitted. Why not? If you lack confidence in your smile at work, surveys have shown that you could miss out on promotion. If you don’t show your teeth in your personal dating profile, you’re less likely to be contacted.

Wearing braces is only a temporary situation. They will straighten your teeth. They will give you more confidence in your smile. They do have the potential to transform your life. It’s also worth bearing in mind that adult orthodontics these days are very discreet, practically invisible and your friends may not even notice that you’re wearing them.

Once you’ve finished your teeth straightening treatment, your teeth will be in alignment, you’ll feel happy about your appearance and you’ll be less at risk of tooth decay, given the fact that you have reduced the number of hidden surfaces that your toothbrush is unable to reach.

About our adult orthodontics service in York

Here at our York dental practice, we offer a number of different adult braces options. In order to find out which are most likely to serve you most effectively and be most convenient for your lifestyle, we’d like to invite you to an initial examination and consultation.

The majority of our other clients prefer Invisalign. These clear braces are worn over the top and bottom rows of your teeth, are custom made to fit your mouth comfortably and designed to pull your teeth into position without you feeling embarrassed about wearing them. They are removable so should you go out for a meal with friends, you won’t be feeling socially awkward – because your braces will be at home.

The aligner trays which you will be wearing over your teeth during the treatment period are translucent, can fix a number of different adult orthodontic problems and and rarely take longer than 12 months for you to achieve your tooth alignment goals.

You won’t just wear one set of trays, but instead you’ll visit your York dentist periodically to have a new tray fitted. Each tray can only take your teeth so far before the new tray must be applied to allow your teeth to continue their journey.

Invisalign aligner trays are easy to keep clean, comfortable to wear and have successfully straightened the teeth of over 5 million patients worldwide. If you feel concerned about the alignment of your teeth, it’s never been easier or less embarrassing to get them straighter. Why not make 2018 the year that you finally became proud of your smile?

Please give our York-based reception team a call to book your first adult orthodontics appointment and find out just how soon you could have a new beautiful smile.