5 Benefits of Invisalign for Teenagers in York

It only takes 17 muscles to smile, but for teenagers who are self-conscious about their teeth or fixed braces, it can feel like a whole lot more. Teenage years are already a bumpy road, and it can be made even bumpier if our teenagers are stuck with embarrassing fixed braces for what must feel like years on end. Traditional or fixed braces can be unsightly and limiting for your teenager, but a solution can be found in Invisalign invisible braces with Blossom Dental Care in York.

Invisalign braces are discrete.

These clear aligners offer an almost undetectable method of teeth straightening, so nobody need to know that your teenager is receiving treatment. Your teenager can smile and speak without feeling self-conscious while receiving this expert and effective treatment. The aligners are made of a clear and extremely durable material so even though they are virtually invisible, they still provide support and guide your teen’s teeth into a more uniform position.

Invisalign braces are strong and durable.

They may look invisible, but their strengths and benefits are not. Invisalign teen invisible braces can withstand the pressure of chewing and biting, as well as general wear and tear, and even come with a concealed blue dot indicator to demonstrate when your teenager is ready for new aligners. Invisalign does not compromise on its treatment delivery even though it is cosmetically superior to the fixed brace, making them the ideal teeth straightening system.

Invisalign braces are removable.

Traditional and fixed braces come with rules that tell us to avoid certain foods and limit your diet, but Invisalign gives your teenager the freedom they need to explore and experience life. Invisalign braces can be removed at any time to eat and brush your teeth, so your teen doesn’t need to limit their diet or lifestyle. Their removable nature allows them to be taken out for the occasional social event, too, and your teen’s optimal results can still be achieved provided they wear the aligners at all other times.

Invisalign braces are comfortable and effective.

Compared with traditional braces, Invisalign braces are far more comfortable and effective. Because the aligners are made specifically for your teen’s teeth and gradually guide their teeth into position, they are far more comfortable than often painful and aggressive traditional braces. This also means that, compared to these fixed braces, they can achieve their results in a shorter time, too. Your teenager’s treatment could be done in as little as 9 months!

Invisalign initial consultations are free with Blossom Dental Care.

Your teenager’s initial Invisalign consultation won’t cost you a penny, so you only pay for the treatment. At Blossom Dental Care, we believe in accessible dental care for all, and we are happy to talk to you and your teenager about the benefits of teeth straightening with Invisalign braces.

A smile is at the top of the list of things we first notice when we meet someone new, so give your teenager the gift of a great smile with teeth straightening by Invisalign braces. These discrete, effective, and comfortable invisible braces are the solution to unsightly and embarrassing fixed braces. Avoid the unattractive ‘train track’ effect by booking your free Invisalign consultation today.

Contact us today to book your free initial consultation at our York practice.

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