Why orthodontics for teens are a clear choice

Did you know that the most common time to have orthodontics is between the ages of 12 and 16? This is because by the time a child reaches age 12, most, if not all, of their permanent teeth will have erupted and be in place, making any alignment issues easy to spot.

Although attitudes towards braces have shifted significantly in recent years, and more and more young people view orthodontics as a common sense treatment that will give them a beautiful smile into adulthood, it’s still understandable that many teens feel embarrassed about wearing braces.

Fortunately, the adult market for discreet ‘invisible’ orthodontics is now impacting positively on the teeth straightening treatments available to teenagers. Here at Blossom Dental Care & Implant Studio, for example, our younger patients can choose to wear Invisalign® Teen aligners rather than traditional fixed braces.

Invisalign® Teen aligners are clear and virtually invisible to anyone else. They can be removed for cleaning and when the teen wants to eat or drink. They can also be taken out for special occasions such as a school prom.

Because teens can continue brushing and flossing their teeth normally, and Invisalign® Teen aligners offer a high level of comfort and excellent results, they lead to better overall dental health in the future and help teens feel self-confident while they’re having their teeth straightened.

Another helpful feature of Invisalign® Teen aligners in a blue indicator dot that reminds the wearer when it’s time to swap to their next aligner.

Although adjusting to orthodontics can be challenging at first, Invisalign® braces are an excellent choice for image-conscious teens, leaving them with a beautiful, healthy smile, now and in the future. It’s worth remembering that having a straighter smile has been associated in various studies with better long-term success in work and personal relationships.

If you have a teen who needs braces and would like to know more about orthodontics in York at Blossom Dental Care & Implant Studio, please book a consultation by calling  01904 653356.