What Tooth Concerns Can Invisalign Solve?

When it comes to braces, most people think of one thing: straight smiles. But in reality, there is so much more they can achieve – and many more concerns they can help to treat. Today, our York dentists look at some of the other reasons people choose braces, whether that is traditional metal braces or modern Invisalign braces.

Invisalign Fixes Wonky Teeth

Yes, braces are designed to straighten smiles – and this is still one reason, if not the main reason, that people choose to undergo treatment here in York. Wonky teeth can look splayed out, whereas braces can help make the smile appear more uniform.

Overlapping Teeth

Sometimes, the teeth don’t grow correctly and a person can be left with teeth which overlap. This can lead to complications down the line, as cleaning and flossing is much harder to do.

Bite Concerns

If your teeth do not “meet” correctly when you bite or chew food, you can have issues with your dental bite. There are lots of variations of poor bite, including an overbite (often called “buck teeth”) and underbite (where the bottom teeth stick over the top ones). People may even find their teeth don’t meet at all, known as an open bite. All of these concerns can wear on the teeth and cause issues with eating and speaking, and even pain in the head and jaw.


Braces don’t just straighten teeth, they can also space them better. When adult teeth erupt (come through), they may be too small for the mouth. Or, they can erupt too early (for example, if a baby’s tooth is knocked out). Sometimes, genetics affects the shape and size of the jaw. Invisible braces can help with all of these issues.

Reasons To Try Invisalign

As well as helping with the above concerns, invisible braces can make your treatment much more enjoyable. That is because these braces are:

– Removable, so you can take them out whenever you want to snack, clean your braces or have a short break.
– Flexible, so you can wear, store and clean them on your preferred schedule.

– Discreet, meaning other people are unlikely to tell you are undergoing treatment
– Comfortable, being made of an acrylic plastic that fits snugly but gently over the smile
– Affordable, with our York dental practice offering 0% and low-interest-bearing credit

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