Ways To Avoid Dental Emergencies

As a private dentist here in York, we regularly see patients for a variety of cosmetic concerns, but did you know we’re an emergency dentist, too? From broken teeth to bleeding gums, our team can help ease and treat urgent conditions and refer you to secondary care, if required.

However, one thing we’ve noticed over the years is that with patients visiting our emergency dentists, some of the problems we’re seeing could have been avoided. So, we wanted to dedicate this post to ways to avoid dental emergencies.

Cracked teeth

Surprisingly, teeth can crack and chip very easily – and often this is down to bad habits, such as:

* Biting on pen lids
* Chewing nails
* Crunching on ice
* Tearing open packaging

All these activities put tremendous strain on teeth. Our advice is to swap these bad chewing habits and try sugar-free gum, instead – just as satisfying, but a lot better for you.

Broken or missing teeth

It’s also possible to break your teeth – sometimes a piece can snap off cleanly, One thing our emergency dentists often see is sporting injuries. In many of these cases, if the patient had been wearing a mouth guard, the tooth might have been protected against injury. This is also the case for sporting injuries which have resulted in tooth loss.

Infection or abscess

These can set in when bacteria has infected the tooth pulp. Taking care of your dental health through regular check-ups and cleaning can prevent decay, which can lead to infection. If an infection does break out then its important to notify an emergency dentist for an appointment.

Lost/loose crown or filling

Sometimes, this can happen due to natural wear and tear on the teeth, but it can also be a sign of an underlying problem such as a cavity. Again, caring for your teeth correctly and regularly visiting your private dentist could prevent this happening, or allow for the crown or filling to be replaced. If you lost a crown or filling then to prevent further damage to the tooth make sure you contact an emergency dentist for an appointment.

In summary….

We know that sometimes life just happens, and in some situations, situations happen outside your control (despite the best dental care and seeing your private dentist when advised).

if you have a dental emergency and need to see an emergency dentist, do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today:

– We offer same-day appointments
– We can help in all the above situations, as well as with toothache, swelling, sensitivity and damaged appliances
– We were voted Best Practice in the UK in 2018, a testament to our hard work and care

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