Why Tooth Implants are more Comfortable than Dentures

The UK is leading the way in European tooth implants. Our skilled practices make up 30% of the implant market and here, at the Blossom Dental practice in York, we deal with implant customers on a daily basis. But what makes implants the best choice of replacement teeth?

Traditional dentures certainly serve a purpose. They provide you with a set of teeth that will give you more confidence when you smile and they’ll help you chew your food. That said, given the way they are fitted into the mouth; using clasps and, in some cases, only suction, they have a tendency to move around and even drop out.

Both of these movements can be frustrating and embarrassing for the wearer. Nobody wants to appear to accidentally spit out their dentures in a public place! Also, getting them back into position in the mouth, once they’ve shifted, involves all sort of facial contortions that you’d probably rather others didn’t have to see!

The benefits of tooth implant supported dentures

Tooth implants from our York practice are more comfortable to wear, simply because they don’t shift about in the mouth. They do the same job as dentures, especially when they are holding a bridge in place, but they are permanent and securely fixed. They consist of a titanium root and a crown.

As the root is sealed inside the gum and encouraged to fuse with jawbone, a firm anchor for the crown is created. You won’t need to remove your tooth implants to clean them and you won’t need to worry about them slipping out of your mouth.

In addition to their secure positioning, tooth implants behave like natural teeth in a lot of ways. They don’t squeak or make strange noises like traditional dentures have a habit of doing and they’ll stimulate the jawbone, maintaining its health in the same way tooth roots do. This action will prevent tooth implant wearers from acquiring the ‘caved in’ look that is often associated with non-permanent replacement teeth ie traditional dentures.

Who is a suitable candidate for tooth implants from our York clinic?

Anybody who has lost teeth through decay, accident or injury can be considered for a tooth implant procedure at our York practice and the sooner you can get to us following tooth loss, the less invasive the treatment is likely to be. This is because once the jawbone has begun to atrophy some bone grafting may be necessary to prepare the mouth for a tooth implant.

The best way to find out if you could be a suitable candidate for tooth implants is to book yourself in for a consultation with our dentist here in York. We’ll happily examine your mouth with a view to advising you on the steps that will need to be taken, as well as show you how your smile will look with your tooth implants in place.

If you’re serious about restoring your smile and gaining replacement teeth that are comfortable to wear and look just the teeth you lost, please get in touch with our highly experienced team to book your appointment. We look forward to helping you eat in comfort and annunciate clearly once again.