‘Spring Clean’ Your Smile

It is March already – which is the perfect time to revamp the house, treat yourself to a new wardrobe and tick off those New Year resolutions. But what about the health and appearance of your smile?

Here at Blossom Dental Care, your local York dental practice, we’re committed to helping improve our patients’ smiles for the better. Whether it’s routine dentistry or a cosmetic enhancement, we can help give you a healthier, happier smile you’ll love to show off. In this post, we’ll go through our top ways to ‘spring clean’ your smile – giving your teeth some much-needed TLC, while giving you the confidence boost you deserve.

A dental check-up

One of the best things you can do for your smile is get it checked over by a professional. Our warm and friendly team of NHS dentists and private dentists are experts in all things dental and can look over your mouth, scale and polish where necessary, and offer additional treatments that can benefit your health and appearance.

A good oral routine

We always emphasise the importance of this – because it’s such a simple thing to implement into your life, yet has such vast, lasting effects. Start with a good-quality toothbrush, choose a toothpaste that matches your needs (sensitive, whitening, recommended fluoride levels) and finish with tape, floss or interdental brushes. Whether you choose us as your NHS dentist or private dentist, our team can advise on what’s best for you and your smile.

A cosmetic treatment

One way to lift your smile and give it a fresh, clean appearance is through cosmetic treatment. For instance, you might have a discoloured tooth that’s bringing you down – so a veneer or crown could help correct its appearance. Or, you might feel your whole smile is looking dull – so whitening could be the perfect choice for you.

Whatever the cosmetic treatment, our private dentist arm can help assess your smile and guide you towards the right options for you.

Book in today

Here at our York dental practice, we function as both an NHS dentist and a private dentist, giving you a range of transformative treatments to choose from. But there are also lots of other reasons why we feel we make a good choice for dental care:

  • A lovely team who are both experienced and skilled
  • A warm and welcoming clinic, to help you feel at home
  • 0% finance on offer for selected treatments
  • Fantastic patient feedback and reviews

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