The Pros and Cons of Adult Braces in York

If you rack your brains to try and decide how recently you’ve seen a grown man or woman wearing adult braces, you might struggle to recall the last time. You might also be surprised to learn that adult braces are much more common than you might think.

The reason why you haven’t seen more of them about is because they’re designed to be discreet. The orthodontists and technicians who develop modern braces are well aware that adults are even less likely than children to want their teeth to be aligned (even with all the benefits that brings) if the contraption that’s going to pull their teeth into a more attractive position is ugly and prominent in the mouth.

Thousands of pounds of been invested in getting to the point where certain styles of adult braces are now virtually invisible. Pressure is applied to teeth in exactly the same way to move their position in the mouth, but it’s far less easy to detect how this has been done.

About Invisalign

Invisalign braces look like thin, translucent mouthguards. They are custom made to fit the patient’s mouth comfortably, while still being effective enough to apply ample pressure. They are worn over the teeth, with each individual aligner tray being part of a series that will be fitted over a treatment time of weeks, or months, to perform a complete teeth straightening journey.

Your teeth will be shifted from bad alignment to a far more attractive alignment. They are also removable and will not be worn when you’re eating, or brushing your teeth.

The cons of adult braces from our your practice

Fixed braces are prominent in the mouth, but generally, they are the most inexpensive teeth straightening option. If you do want to opt for a more discreet and subtly more expensive set of braces that will draw attention to your mouth during the treatment period, you could always make use of a dental plan, which will allow you to spread the cost over a longer time period.

The pros of adult braces from your practice

Adult braces can literally transform your life. They’ll make your smile more attractive and many surveys point to the fact that having a more attractive smile is more likely to get you promoted at work and be more successful in your love life.

If you’re currently suffering from headaches, jaw pain, or uneven wear and tear of your teeth, caused by bite problems, Invisalign braces can fix this. Perhaps most importantly of all, having straight teeth will decrease your chances of tooth decay. This is because you have fewer hidden tooth surfaces that can occur as a result of overlapping, bad positioning. Tooth decay can lead to tooth loss in extreme cases.

To find out more about how you could achieve a beautiful new smile and a boost your confidence in 2018, please give us a call to book your initial consultation with us here at the Blossom Dental Practice in York.