Oral Health During Brace Treatment

Many of our patients are concerned about the impact of braces on their lives – not least the health and appearance of their smiles. It’s true that many kinds of braces, such as the traditional fixed wire-and-bracket design, can make caring for your teeth a little trickier during your teeth straightening treatment. Thankfully, though, our team of private dentists have some tips and tricks for keeping on top of your oral health during brace treatment – whatever brace you choose, and whether you use our private dentists, or go elsewhere.

Brushing and flossing

All private & NHS dentists agree about regular brushing, and either using floss, tape or interdental brushes to clean between the teeth, too. But how often is recommended? Well, two minutes twice a day is the norm, but with braces, you may need to show teeth a little more TLC. That’s because, with removable aligners, such as Invisalign, you’ll need to take them out for eating and chewing – and it’s always recommended to brush and floss before popping them back in (this helps prevent bacteria and food particles from being pinned between the brace and your teeth). Even fixed braces need more sessions, with most suggesting a quick but thorough clean after a meal or snack.

Cleaning your braces

Whatever brace apparatus you ultimately choose, it’s important to keep it clean. Why? Because it’s either fixed in place, or it’s recommended to be worn for most of the day (for instance, Invisalign should be worn for a minimum of 20-22 hours per day). This means it’s constantly in contact with your teeth – so it’s no good taking great care of your smile and then neglecting the brace that’s continuously touching your teeth! Being removable makes Invisalign far easier to keep clean (you can even use a toothbrush as part of your routine).


You might think you don’t need to bother with check-ups while having Invisalign treatment – especially because your treatment plan can help determine when to change to your next set of aligners, and because you can track your progress on the handy app. The reality is, however, that check-ups are always recommended for patients, whether wearing a brace or not. Your private dentist can help with all kinds of problems, detect any signs of gum disease or decay, and advise on appropriate kinds of toothpaste, toothbrushes and other accessories to ensure a healthy, happy smile.

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