Options For Teeth Straightening

We all want a straighter smile – not only can it look more youthful and attractive, but it can be more comfortable to eat, chew and bite, especially if you’ve been diagnosed with bite problems. Every patient is different when it comes to choosing teeth straightening treatment, which is why we offer two incredible options – Damon and Invisalign – to our clients. Read on to find out more about these popular adult braces, offered here in York by our expert dentists.

What is Damon?

Damon adult braces are a clever system for more complex cases. They’re a type of fixed brace – with clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires – but don’t use elastics between them, which makes for a more comfortable treatment experience. They’re also self-ligating, which means they adjust easily, unlike the time and hassle needed for traditional braces.

What is Invisalign?

Our patients love Invisalign here in York because it’s one of the easiest ways to straighten teeth. The braces used are a series of acrylic aligners, or trays, which are removed every couple of weeks and changed for a new set so that teeth are straightened incrementally. They’re one of the most discreet options available and Invisalign has treated millions around the world with the system.

Infographic about Invisalign clear braces in York

Which is best for me?

We always invite our patients to a quick consultation here in York before starting treatment. As well as ensuring teeth straightening treatment is right for you, it gives you the chance to talk through any concerns and ask those burning questions, so you can be comfortable and confident about your care. There are always advantages and disadvantages to every type of adult brace, so it’s important to cover your options and ensure you’re making the right choice.

Why should I book with you?

We’re expert dentists here in York, and happily serve patients in and around the area. Our team are dedicated to the craft of dentistry and share decades of experience, so you’ll get the very best care for your smile. We’ve successfully treated many teeth-straightening cases with fantastic results, which you can explore in our gallery, and you can also read our patient testimonials for first-hand experience of our practice and techniques.

How do I book a consultation?

It’s easy to book with our dentists. Visit our contact page for all the details, and either fill out a form or get in touch over the phone or email. We’ve included some quick links to make the process faster and easier, and you can also enquire about our Enquiry Bot technology. We hope to hear from you soon!