NHS Dentist: Dental Bands Breakdown

If you receive dental care from an NHS dentist, you’ll no doubt be concerned about the cost of your treatment and want to be as informed as possible before your appointment. Here at Blossom Dental Care, both a private dentist and an NHS dentist based in York, we know how important it is to understand all elements of your treatment, and part of that is being able to plan any costs. In this post, we’ll go through the treatment bands offered by all NHS dentists and what is covered by each. For the most up-to-date costings, please visit the NHS dentist site for more information.

Band 1

Covers 1 or more of the following:

– Clinical or orthodontic examination, assessment and report
– Applying preparations to your teeth
– Taking moulds, photographs and X-rays as needed
– Adjusting/correcting false teeth and fillings
– Taking tissue/cell samples for examination
– Treating cementum (root tissue)
– Scale and polish

Band 2

Covers anything listed in band 1, plus:

– Additions to dentures, plus relining or rebasing as needed
– Removing root tip, dental pulp, or whole tooth, as well as root canal treatment
– Minor surgery, such as frenectomy, frenuloplasty and frenotomy
– Gingival grafts and tooth transplants
– Fillings
– Mouth guard
– Treatment for severe gum disease
– Sealant to fill holes/grooves in teeth
– Splinting loose teeth

Band 3

Covers anything listed in bands 1 and 2, plus:

– Crowns, bridges and dentures
– Inlays, inlays and onlays (which restore damaged teeth)
– Orthodontics (such as braces)
– Veneers and palatal veneers

Here at Blossom Dental Care, York, we’re proud to offer care from both private dentists and NHS dentists. We think this gives you even more options when it comes to treatment, as you’ll be able to mix and match as you see fit – for example, having general treatment under the care of an NHS dentist, and cosmetic treatment (such as teeth whitening) carried out by a private dentist.

Whether you’re a new patient or already on our books, feel free to call us to help manage your care. Of course, we can also offer advice and recommendations for you during your appointment, especially if you need numerous treatments at one time. Get in touch with our York dentists today, and we’ll look forward to seeing you very soon.