How long does it take to have a dental implant fitted?

Have you recently performed an internet search to find out more about dental implants in York? If so, you’re not alone. Recent search engine data numbers the people searching for ‘dental implant’ in the UK at 150,000 per month. That’s a lot of gaps in smiles that need fixing!

Here at the Blossom dental practice in York, we fit dental implants on a daily basis. We have a lot of people, who having read reviews of our services and completed a thorough research on the training and experience of our dentists here in York, have approached us about having their replacement teeth fitted.

Today we’re going to look at the various steps of having a dental implant fitted. Provided you have no issues with the quality of your jawbone, this can be done in just a few hours, allowing you to walk away from our practice with a secure replacement tooth in just one day. However, there are a lot of factors we need to consider and obviously, every individual mouth is different and should be examined with a view to having a bespoke treatment plan provided.

Initial consultations in York

If you have a tooth missing as a result of infection, injury or accident, we would like to invite you to a consultation with one of our highly professional and experienced dentists. Your mouth will be examined in order to see which tooth needs replacing and how invasive the procedure will be, based on the condition of your gums and jawbone.

X rays and a 3D scan will be taken to help your dentist here in York make an accurate assessment. Once we have the vital materials to hand, we’ll have a better idea of how long your dental implant fitting is going to take. At this point, we’ll be able to give you a treatment plan.

Timeframe when no complications are present

If, upon examination, it transpires that no bone augmentation is necessary (because a jawbone must be of a decent enough quality in order to hold an implant securely), the titanium root can be fitted in just 1 to 2 hours. Following this stage of the treatment, a temporary crown, that should look similar to the tooth you lost, will be fitted to the top of the implant root.

The permanent crown is then fitted once osseointegration has taken place; this is the process of the implant fusing with the bone. It can take 4 to 12 weeks, and sometimes even longer, for this to happen. The healing of the gum should happen very quickly.

Once your permanent crown has been fitted, you can expect your dental implant to look and feel just like a natural tooth. You’ll need to keep it clean, but essentially you’ll have a smile of which you can be proud and a secure, beautiful new tooth. Please get in touch with our York reception team to book your first appointment with us. The sooner you can get to us following tooth loss, the easier the procedure should be.