How are invisible braces fitted?

The invisible braces we use here in York are the famous Invisalign brand, which have straightened the teeth of over 5 million people worldwide. When you see them in position, you’ll be struck by how different to traditional braces they are. They’re not bonded to the teeth in any way, in fact, they’re removable.

The braces consist of clear, thermoplastic teeth aligner trays, which are custom made for each individual customer to ensure the most comfortable and effective fit. Your braces will be unique to you and created during your initial brace fitting appointments. Let’s have a look at how the Invisalign process works and what you can expect from your Invisible braces provider in York.

The Invisalign braces process

Your first step towards straighter teeth is getting in touch with us here at the Blossom Dental practice to book your initial consultation. This is when our dentist will examine your teeth with a view to assessing whether your alignment problems can be corrected using Invisalign.

Once we have decided that you are suitable for this type of invisible braces, we’ll make a 3D digital map of your mouth, which will not only be a blueprint to help construct your individual aligner trays , but will also give you a good idea of how your teeth will look following treatment. Moulds of your teeth will also be made.

The moulds and images will be sent away to the Invisalign HQ for your braces to be made. From that one appointment, the entire journey of your teeth will be mapped out. It’s not just one aligner tray that’s used, but several, one after the other, with each new tray bringing your teeth closer to their final positions.

When the braces are sent back to your dentist, you will be notified and will then visit us for a fitting. We need to ensure that the trays are snug, but comfortable. Your dentist will show you how to remove the trays (as you’ll need to do this when you eat or brush your teeth), as well as how to clean them.

If you wear the aligner trays for 20 hours in every day, then your treatment will be complete within the forecast time and you’ll have a more attractive smile before you know it.

To get the ball rolling and book your initial appointment with us, please get in touch with our invisible braces team here in York.