How To Best Take Care Of Your Clear Braces

So you are interested in clear braces, or have perhaps started treatment already – that’s great news. Now, it’s a question of keeping on top of all the aftercare and advice you’ll need to follow, so treatment stays on track and you experience the fantastic results you’re looking for.

Here in York, our top dentists know all there is to know about clear braces, especially Invisalign braces. These are made of see-through acrylic (a type of plastic), which is known for being comfortable on your smile while ensuring a discreet treatment option. Here’s how to take care of your clear braces.

Remove for eating

Some people make the mistake of eating or chewing while wearing their clear braces. Because Invisalign braces are made from plastic, it’s important to remember that pressures of the jaw could damage them, which could be disastrous for the soft tissues in your mouth – not to mention your treatment programme. Take them out for eating and chewing, and pop them back in when you have finished.

Remove for drinking

There’s something we haven’t yet mentioned – with a drink (or food) particles stirring around in your mouth, there’s the potential for your clear braces to discolour or stain over time. While water is fine to drink with your Invisalign braces in, take them out if you want juice, hot drinks, sodas, smoothies and other beverages.

Soak in cleaning crystals

Invisalign has developed its very own range of cleaning crystals, which help to keep your clear braces looking clear. You can also use denture cleaner on your aligners. Follow the packaging instructions to make sure you’re using the cleaner correctly, and aim to soak your clear braces every 2-3 days.

Brush lightly with a toothbrush

While you shouldn’t use toothpaste or other harsh abrasives on your clear braces, it’s fine to gently polish them with a soft-bristled toothbrush (ask your dentist if you’re unsure). You can do this when you remove them, as you will need to rinse them at this point anyway. It helps to dislodge any bacteria and food particles that might transfer from your teeth to your braces.

Store in their protective case

We all need a break from our braces now and then – the good news is, Invisalign braces can be taken out whenever you need them, as long as you wear them for 20-22 hours per day. When you do take them out (provided you’re not soaking them), pop them in a case to keep them from getting lost or broken.

For more great tips and tricks on caring for your clear braces, talk to our top dentists here in York today.