What Happens when you have a Tooth Implant in York?

Tooth implants are widely regarded as the most efficient and natural looking alternatives to actual teeth, should you have lost yours, or had them removed. They consist of two main parts; a titanium root, which is fitted into the jaw and the crown which is cemented to the top of the root.

Once in place, a tooth implant should look and feel just like a natural tooth. You’ll be able to smile with confidence again, as well as speak more clearly and bite into your food more easily. A tooth implant should also prevent your jawbone from atrophying; a natural phenomenon that can occur when you lose your teeth. It can also cause your face to have a prematurely aged look.

Dentists and tooth implant wearers know only too well the benefits these dental prostheses can bring, so what’s stopping you from enjoying the potentially life changing effects of tooth implants if you’re missing a few teeth? I would guess it’s that you are not yet fully aware of how effective the fitting procedure is and how quickly you could receive a custom-made replacement tooth.

Any dental treatment can be seen as frightening if you don’t understand exactly what it involves. This is why we would like to offer this guide to the steps taken to fit an implant with a view to providing you with enough details to make an informed decision about whether or not you’d like to arrange a consultation with a member of our experienced dental team here in York.

Dental implant fitting procedure

In the first instance the space where the implant will go must be prepared. Your mouth will be examined and if any damaged tooth remains, it will need to be removed. Your jawbone will also be examined. If there’s been any deterioration, you may need some bone grafting work before the implant can be fitted. All dental procedures that are performed at our York practice are pain free because we will provide local anaesthetic and if required, sedation too.

The next step is to place the implant in the jawbone. This will then be left to heal for several months. During this healing period, a temporary crown will be added. Once the soft tissue is fully healed, which can take several months, your permanent crown will be added and your smile will be restored.

You’ll look after your tooth implant just like you look after your natural teeth; with regular brushing and you could still be enjoying the significant benefits 30 years later. To book a consultation about tooth implants with one of our dentists here in York please give us a call.