The Future of Dental Implants in York

Implant dentistry is moving into a new era. Investment is being made not only in the dental implants themselves (by making them better resemble the original tooth lost by the patient), but also in the precision of fitting them. These days if you lose a tooth, modern technology and dental expertise mean you could walk away from your dentist with a secure and permanent replacement tooth in just one day. Please note though, that with teeth fitted in a day, the initial crown is temporary and won’t be replaced with your permanent crown until your gum is fully healed.

How you can benefit from dental implant technology in York

Do you find it frustrating that you don’t have the confidence in your smile to look pleased in front of the mirror, or the camera? The physical action of smiling is known to produce the very hormones that make us feel happy, so if you’re not smiling very often, there’s a chance you’re not feeling very happy either.

Having a dental implant can rectify that situation. The implant itself consists of the root, which is fitted into the jaw, to serve as a secure anchor for the crown. The crown fits on top and will look precisely like the tooth you lost. It will be designed to fit your individual mouth and look completely natural. Once in place, you’ll be able to smile with few people ever realising that you lost a tooth! You should experience a boost in the confidence you have in your appearance and feel happier about smiling in public.

What happens when neither teeth, nor dental implants are present in the mouth

In addition to making you feel better about yourself, a dental implant offers a number of other benefits too. Teeth have a tendency to shift into a gap, when one is created. This can lead to alignment problems, which may bring a new batch of dental concerns into your life. Not only do crooked teeth also cause smile confidence problems, but they can trap food deposits, which can’t be reached by your toothbrush, thus putting you at higher risk of tooth decay.

The area of jawbone beneath a gap where teeth once were (that is not be stimulated by the root of either natural teeth or dental implants) may atrophy. An atrophied jawbone can cause a ‘caved in’ look that is prematurely ageing for the sufferer. Having a dental implant fitted will help you avoid both of these problems, as well as support you in eating comfortably. Your chewing motions will be spread over a more even distribution of your bite.

It’s also worth noting that dental bridges can provide you with more than one replacement tooth in a row and can be anchored into the mouth with a dental implant at either end. Why not find out more about the dental implants we provide from our dental practice in York, by booking a consultation. We can show you exactly how they look and give you an idea of how other clients have felt once the implants have been fitted. Please get in touch.