Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny is due to appear

Dentist always telling you to reduce the amount of sugar in your children’s diet?

You’re really trying to avoid the sweet stuff for your children but how can you deny them a small chocolate egg?

The good news…..yes there really is some!

Chocolate is better than jelly sweets. You see if we eat a chocolate bar very cleverly our saliva washes it away shortly afterwards. Jelly sweets however stick to the teeth until they are brushed again.

Ideally we should have no more than 5 acid attacks per day. Each time we eat a meal or snack that’s 1 acid attack. Give your child their tea and then by letting them have a chocolate egg afterwards they are still only having the 1 acid attack.

If like me you do have a sweet tooth for jellies, you should wait around an hour before you clean your teeth. If you brush straight away you could be rubbing the acid into the enamel on your teeth.
Try to remember the sugar contained in sweets increases the risk of tooth decay.

We cannot always say no to our children when asking for sweets? So give them the option of chocolate 

Thankfully the Easter Bunny won’t be making another appearance this year