Common NHS Treatments Explained

Here at Blossom Dental Care, a dentist in York, our patients seek both private and NHS care. But for those looking specifically for NHS dentists, what are those common treatments that you may end up requiring yourself? In this post, our dedicated York dentists will break them down for you, helping give you the advice, information and support you need before booking in with us.


Our NHS dentists regularly carry out filling treatment. It’s a simple process, where biologically-friendly material is used to fill in holes and cavities caused by tooth decay. You might have heard of root canals, too – these add another step to the fillings journey, where infected tissue from inside the tooth is removed and the hole is then sealed up.

Scale & Polish

Many NHS dentists advocate for scale and polish treatment, as it’s much more in-depth than simply brushing your teeth at home, and can help tackle harder-to-reach areas, as well as places where plaque might have built up to the extent that you can no longer just brush it away. Your NHS dentist will be able to advise how often you’ll require this treatment, but it’s an essential part of your dental care.


There are many reasons your NHS dentist might opt for a tooth extraction. It could be an impacted wisdom tooth – which is where the tooth doesn’t have space to ‘erupt’ or break through in the normal way. It could also be that you have a tooth that’s loose, decayed or broken; or you may have a tooth removed as its growth is affecting the other teeth.


Whether your tooth is cracked, broken or discoloured, a crown can be a good ‘quick fix’ for helping restore function and appearance. Your NHS dentist can give you guidance on what’s best for your smile, as a different option, such as a veneer, might be better in your individual circumstance. Crowns are also a popular treatment for our private dentists.


If you need braces, you may be able to receive treatment from an NHS dentist. However, a private dentist could be a good option for you if you’d like something more advanced, such as Invisalign braces. Again, your dentist can chat to you about your options.

Whether it’s something you need or something you’d like, our dedicated York dentists can help. Get in touch with our team today and find out how we can help you.