Boost your Smile Confidence with Tooth Implants

Having an underlying lack of confidence in your smile can hold you back in life. Are your missing tooth or missing teeth getting you down? Perhaps you need to visit us at our York practice to get some tooth implants?

Low self-esteem makes us less likely to push for our goals and more likely to settle for an inferior deal, both in love and at work. Unfortunately this works both ways. It’s not just you who has noticed your less than perfect smile and lack of teeth.

Many studies have revealed that employers are less likely to hire or promote candidates with an unattractive smile, or candidates that don’t smile. Numerous dating sites have listed a person’s smile as one of their most cited ‘attractive features’ by their users. Are you putting yourself at a disadvantage both in your career and your love life by not getting your smile fixed?

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a permanent prosthetic tooth that is fitted directly into the jaw. Initially a titanium root is fitted; this mimics a natural tooth root and then a crown is added to the top.

The crown is tailored to your individual set of teeth and designed to look just like the original tooth you lost.

Once fitted at our York practice and healed, dental implants have been known to remain in place for over 30 years, giving you a secure replacement tooth that will help you eat and speak. Your implant won’t fall out and it won’t shift about. It can also be used to anchor dental bridges into your mouth to provide you with a number of natural looking teeth in a row. You could be the proud owner of a full set of replacement teeth with the insertion of just 4 to 6 tooth implants.

The ways in which a tooth implant can enhance your smile

Once your tooth implant is fitted, you won’t need to avoid smiling anymore. When you do smile, you’ll be revealing a full, unflawed set of teeth. In addition to this, a tooth implant should prevent the rest of your teeth from moving out of alignment in your mouth.

Given that teeth naturally shift towards any extra space when it appears in your mouth, having teeth missing can lead to gappy teeth, as well as teeth adopting new angles. Your tooth implant should help keep the rest of your teeth straight.

Maintaining straight teeth will make your teeth easier to brush due to no tooth surfaces being hidden. This means you can avoid being at high risk of tooth decay and gum disease as you’ll be able to reach and remove food deposits left on your teeth after meals with your toothbrush.

Perhaps most importantly of all, the dental implant you have fitted at our York practice will help you maintain the health of your jawbone. When jawbones aren’t stimulated by tooth roots (because you are missing teeth), they can begin to atrophy. When this happens your face may suffer the prematurely-ageing ‘caved in’ look which is often associated with traditional denture wearers. The titanium root of the tooth implant does the same job as a natural tooth root and will prevent this from happening.

To get more details about tooth implants and to find out how easily and quickly we can fit them for you, please give our York reception team a call to book an initial appointment. The faster you can meet with us following tooth loss, the less invasive your treatment is likely to be. We look forward to giving your smile a boost.