Adult braces at Blossom Dental

Here at Blossom Dental York, we know how important it is to have healthy teeth and a happy smile. If you’re looking for teeth straightening treatments in York, you have come to the right place – we offer two main types of adult braces to help straighten out your smile, help improve your oral health and help build back your confidence.

Invisalign braces

The Invisalign treatment involves taking an impression of your teeth, using ClinCheck 3D technology, to create an aligner that can be worn throughout the day, with treatment taking up to a year*. Benefits of Invisalign braces include:

  • Comfortable, easy-to-wear and clear braces – known as ‘invisible braces’
  • Treatment involves taking an impression of your teeth every few weeks, to accommodate adjustments and keep your smile on track
  • Don’t interfere with speech and can be removed for eating, brushing etc
  • Ideal as adult braces, with a range for teenagers. Invisalign Teen features a small blue dot indicator to show they are being worn as directed, compensates for teeth which are still coming through, and includes 6 free replacements if lost
  • 0% finance option available, with a free initial consultation
  • Easy to clean

* Results may vary

Damon Smile braces

For more complex cases teeth straightening cases, we recommend Damon braces. These are fixed in place and are self-ligating with arch wires, so are far more comfortable than traditional adult braces, putting less pressure on teeth. They can help you access your teeth more easily to clean them of plaque and can help with problems such as overcrowded or protruding teeth, bite issues and gaps. Benefits of Damon braces include:

  • Possible improvements to your dental health, helping to protect against cavities, gum inflammation and bite issues
  • Possible improvements to bite, breath and dental health by creating a more uniform smile surface
  • Fewer appointments are needed to keep track of treatment

If you’re having trouble deciding which adult braces would work best for you as a teeth straightening treatment, please book a consultation with us, where we can talk through both our Invisalign braces and our Damon braces in greater detail, take your teeth and oral hygiene into account, and recommend the right ones for you.

Why use Blossom Dental?

We’re committed to both general and cosmetic dentistry excellence and have a team of skilled dentists to help give you the results you deserve. We were also York’s leading dental practice and have won awards for our dentistry. Finally, our patient testimonials reflect our high level of care and attention to detail, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands with Blossom Dental.