A guide to NHS dentist treatment

As a dental practice, we offer treatment both privately and on the NHS. For those wanting an NHS dentist in York, here’s what you need to know.

NHS treatments

The NHS provides what’s called ‘’clinically necessary’’ treatment, which aims to keep your mouth, teeth and gums both healthy and pain-free. Not everything is available on the NHS, including more cosmetic procedures, but as we offer both private and NHS treatment here at Blossom Dental, we may be able to offer you something privately that you wouldn’t be able to get on the NHS. For most procedures, we’ll give you a written plan with clear costs. Here’s a quick guide to NHS treatments:

– Crowns and bridges
– Dental abscesses
– Dentures
– Orthodontics (for example, braces)
– Root canals
– Scale and polish
– Wisdom tooth extraction
– Fillings

We can offer other treatments, such as implants or teeth whitening, privately.

NHS treatment bands

Unlike medical care, there are charges on the NHS for dentistry – although you may be exempt in certain instances, for example, if your dentist has to stop bleeding from your mouth. We’ll always be upfront about any charges you may need. Prices on the NHS are categorised by ‘bands’, depending on the type of treatment you need. The cheapest, band 1, has pricing starting from £22.70 at the time of writing, though you can visit the NHS dental charges webpage for the most up-to-date costs.

An advantage of NHS treatment is that it may be more affordable than going private for the same thing, however, we do offer interest-free finance on some of our private treatments.

Our mission

At Blossom Dental, we’re committed to both general and cosmetic dentistry excellence – whether you’re looking for an NHS dentist or would prefer private treatment. We pride ourselves on serving our community and its families, offering treatments tailored to you. Our team is renowned for its care and consideration, bringing together dentists, hygienists, treatment coordinators and support staff to meet your needs.

NHS Dental Care in York

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