Will people notice your tooth implant when you smile?

Smiling can improve your mood and your immune system. The very act of smiling relieves stress and is contagious, helping others relieve their stress and boost their mood too. In addition to all of this a recent survey discovered that 69% of the population find women more attractive when they smile, than when they wear make up.

All of this leads us to the question; are you smiling enough and if not, why not? Is it because you’re embarrassed about your smile, because you’re missing a tooth or two? If this is the case, you could be putting pressure on your mood and your immune system needlessly, because a tooth implant from our York dental practice will provide you with a secure and natural looking replacement tooth.

Thanks to the rise in 3D printing and the accuracy with which a custom made prosthetic tooth can be created fast, you can wear a false tooth which will look more like an original tooth than it has ever been possible to obtain.

Fitting your tooth implant

Tooth implants can be fitted individually or in a pair as part of a bridge of prosthetic teeth designed to provide you with a row of replacements. They consist of a titanium root, which is fitted into the jaw to integrate with the bone there and provide you with a very firmly fitted prosthesis.

Due to their custom made nature and the creation process which is aided by X rays and 3D scans, tooth implants are designed to look just like the tooth you lost and sit comfortably in the mouth. When you smile with your tooth implant in place, your smile should be fully restored.

Here at our dental practice in York, we know the benefits of a great smile doesn’t stop with you having increased confidence in your facial appearance, but will actually keep you happier and healthier. We understand the importance a beautiful smile can have on one’s prospects. It’s a well know and thoroughly researched phenomenon that an attractive smile can help you get up the career ladder by making you more likely to be promoted, and according to dating site data, more likely to find love. Let us help you smile more and enjoy the benefits of that.

When you contact us here at our York practice, we’ll book you in for an initial consultation to examine your mouth and decide how invasive the process is going to be. A few factors have to be taken into account such as the quality of your jawbone and how many replacement teeth you’ll need. We’ll be able to advise you of the estimated fitting time when we see you. Please give us a call.