Why Technology in our Industry is Focusing on Dental Implants

According to Market Research Future (MRMF) the dental implant market is forecast to grow by 4.6% by 2022. This means that more and more people are having dental implants fitted.

Does that mean more people than ever are losing their teeth? We certainly all still seem to be eating a lot of sugar, but more of us than ever are visiting the dentist regularly. It seems to be more likely that rather than there being an increase in people losing their teeth (although the UK does have an ageing population), there is an increase in people realising the benefits implants can provide. Additionally, dental finance plans are becoming commonplace, making implants affordable to everyone.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a permanent replacement tooth that is fitted by an implantologist, or dentist with implant experience, directly into your jawbone. Once fitted, this prosthesis will not move and your artificial tooth will look just like the real thing. It’s the titanium root of the dental implant which is placed in contact with the jaw, during a procedure that will involve a local anaesthetic. When your mouth is healed following implant placement, you’ll be ready to receive your permanent crown.

Would a dental implant from our York practice be a good solution for you?

Dental implants, in one form or another, can be fitted to most patients who have experienced tooth loss. However, the longer your natural tooth has been out of your mouth, the more chance your jawbone has had to atrophy. It’s a good quality jawbone that makes the best anchor for an implant, so for your implant to be as effective as possible and fitted in a minimally invasive way, you must contact us as soon as possible, once you lose a tooth.

Dental Implants in York

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If you think you’d like a dental implant, please give our receptionist a call to book a consultation with the dentist. It’s during this consultation that your mouth will be examined to see just how easily an implant can be fitted. It’s also an opportunity for you to get all the information you need about what the procedure involves and how long it will take to heal. We’ll be pleased to welcome you to our clinic once you’re ready to restore your smile and enjoy a boost to the confidence you have in your facial appearance.