Five Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

Although you may want straight teeth for cosmetic reasons and be considering orthodontic treatment to improve the appearance of your smile, did you know that having straighter teeth can boost your health too?

Here are just five of the many ways:

1. Healthier gums

When you have crooked, overlapping, widely spaced or otherwise misaligned teeth, it can be hard to get it all the nooks and crannies and clean them properly. In turn, this can lead to a build-up of plaque and tartar, leading to gum disease.

Unfortunately, gum disease can lead to bleeding gums, inflammation, bad breath, bone loss, and even contribute to health problems such as heart disease, strokes and diabetes.
When you have straight teeth, your gums are likely to fit more securely around the base of the teeth without leaving small pockets where food can become trapped. It’s also easier to floss between the teeth and generally keep them clean with a good oral hygiene routine. This can help protect you from gum disease and all its associated problems.

2. Less tooth wear

Another problem with misaligned teeth is that they may meet with the teeth on the opposing jaw in the wrong place. This can lead to problems with the enamel wearing down and exposing the more vulnerable and sensitive layer of dentine underneath. Misaligned teeth can also affect how you chew and you may find yourself compensating by chewing with teeth other than your molars and pre-molars, again leading to unnecessary wear and tear.

We advise patients looking for straight teeth in York that orthodontic treatment can help ensure that every tooth is functioning as it should and that it will help prevent against damage.

3. Fewer headaches and less neck pain

Believe it or not but if you’re someone who experiences a lot of headaches or neck pain, the misalignment of your teeth could well be the cause. Crooked teeth can cause excessive strain on the gums and jaw bone. It could even be that your jaw bone is slightly misaligned. In many cases, people with alignment problems clench their teeth – this can be worse during times of stress – which leads to headaches and neck pain.

Having straight teeth can help ease the desire to clench your teeth and simply relieve pressure on the gums and bone.

4. Greater happiness

Numerous studies have shown that, when people feel good about their teeth, they are more likely to smile. At the same time, people with an attractive, healthy smile tend to get noticed by other people and are more likely to be smiled at.

This creates a cycle of positivity that can be a fantastic boost for your mental health. Our orthodontic patients in York tell us that their straight teeth have skyrocketed their confidence, helping them perform well in job interviews, meetings and even when they’re socialising.

5. Greater wellbeing

As we’ve touched on above, a combination of all these factors and others mean that straight teeth can be directly tied to improving your overall wellbeing. You are likely to feel more confident about your smile, less worried about bad breath and see an upturn in your immune system simply because you are smiling more and feel mentally well.

By preventing gum disease and tooth decay, you can help to safeguard yourself against headaches, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, pneumonia, premature labour and low birth weight, and even rheumatoid arthritis. All great news for your physical health too.

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