A dental x-ray or a flight to Tenerife?

So we know maintaining good oral health is important to avoid the need for any fillings, tooth loss or even crowns.  Therefore we should brush twice a day and floss daily. Are we all doing this, yes….Glad that’s cleared up!

On occasions when visiting the dentist they advise us that bitewing x-rays are needed so we allow them to take the x-rays.  Fingers crossed they don’t find any underlying issues you’re saving for this year’s family getaway.

Bitewings are 2 small x-ray films placed inside the mouth one taken on the right hand side and then one on the left hand side of the mouth, a little uncomfortable but it’s only for a minute or so.

As a patient do we stop to think about the radiation contained in an x-ray exposure?  Well the amount of radiation in the bitewing x-rays is relatively low and shouldn’t case up any harm however, did you know you get the same amount of radiation from a set of bitewings as you would do with a flight to Tenerife?

So you’re planning your next family holiday abroad you’re going to see what the hotel has to offer. You never stop to think about the level of radiation that you’re going to receive from the flight.

Moral of the story the dentist will only take the x-rays when clinically necessary and it’s to protect and maintain good oral health. Don’t worry you’re in safe hands.