So you’ve noticed the beautiful smiles around York and you’re wondering how so many people can have a naturally perfect smile. After all, their smiles don’t appear to have been cosmetically altered.

The fashion designer Yves St Laurent famously claimed that great clothes will make you notice the woman wearing them and not the clothes themselves. It’s the same with smile makeovers. Cosmetic enhancements to your smile should not be visible. They should be discreet, so that it’s your attractive smile that stands out and not the work you’ve had done.

Crowns and veneers in York

Two of the most discreet and efficient ways of improving your smile are through the use of porcelain crowns and veneers. These will cover a multitude of sins including chips in your teeth, cracks, damage, some tooth positioning problems and discolouration. Let’s have a look at how they work.

Veneers consist of thin slices of porcelain which are bonded to the teeth to replace lost tooth enamel. The ceramic slivers that are used will be custom-made for your teeth in order to give you the most natural-looking restoration possible. A tiny amount of your natural tooth enamel will have to removed prior to fitting the veneer in order to give you a more even tooth contour, but once in place, your tooth should appear cosmetically improved and more attractive.

Crowns, or caps as they are also known, replace a larger area of tooth damage. They will effectively fit over the inner tooth, replacing the entire external region right down to the gum. Again some of the natural tooth enamel will be scraped away to make way for the crown, but the result is a perfect and natural-looking tooth.

Once a veneer or crown is bonded to your tooth, it will strengthen the remains of the natural tooth that is there, as well as protect it from further damage and reduce the need to have the tooth removed.

We can improve your smile in York

If you live in York and are finding it frustrating having tooth stains that are resistant to bleaching, twisted teeth, chips, cracks or broken tooth edges that you’d like fixed, we can help. Here at our practice in York, we can improve the look of your teeth and give you the confidence to smile again.

Please give our dedicated dental team a call to book yourself in for a consultation. We’ll be able to show you how our customers look before and after having had veneers and crowns fitted as well as advise on the best course of action to suit your individual tooth concerns.