Dental implants are prosthetic teeth that look and feel like natural teeth. They are not held into your mouth with paste or clasps like traditional dentures and they are not removable. Instead, they are fixed permanently into your jaw via a titanium root. Here at our York dental practice, we fit dental implants with great success.

A single dental implant consists of a root and a crown. The root is placed in a healthy jaw by your dentist, where it is hoped it will fuse with the bone that is there. This gives the root a secure anchor and makes it capable of holding a realistic and natural looking crown in place. Your replacement tooth will look just like a natural tooth. Let’s take a look at the incredible benefits a tooth implant can offer those who have lost their teeth.

1. Confident smile: You can stop feeling embarrassed about having a gap where you once had a tooth. Your gap will be filled with a natural looking prosthesis that will give you smile confidence again.

2. Less tooth decay: Teeth tend to shift into space when it is created. By removing the extra space created by a missing tooth, you can prevent your remaining original teeth from moving around in your mouth. This means there is less chance the rest of your teeth will become unaligned; a common cause of an increase in tooth decay. Straight teeth have surfaces that are easy to reach with your toothbrush, where as unaligned teeth do not. This makes it more likely that unaligned teeth will retain food deposits even after careful brushing, making them more vulnerable to tooth decay.

3. Stay looking young: In order to keep your jawbone healthy it must remain stimulated. The roots of your teeth naturally stimulate jawbones and keep them healthy. Dentures with no root, that are held in with clasps, or missing teeth are not replaced, will not. Unstimulated jawbones can begin to atrophy, causing the ‘caved in’ look that is common among traditional denture wearers. The root of a dental implant mimics the action of a natural tooth root, preventing your face from changing.

4. Secure anchor: Traditional dentures have a tendency to move about in your teeth and even fall out at inopportune moments, much to the embarrassment of the wearer. Dental implants will not fall out of your mouth, neither will they shift about when you eat or speak. You should not experience the strange clicking noise that is frequently reported by traditional denture wearers either, when wearing implants.

5. Dental implants can be used as an anchor for bridges to provide you with a secure set of dentures that look natural and will provide you with all the benefits of original teeth. A full set of dentures can be secured into your mouth using just 4 to 6 dental implants.

If you’d like to find out if you are a suitable candidate for dental implants, the sooner you can get to us here in York for a consultation following tooth loss, The more likely we are to be able to make the whole procedure the least invasive it can be. Please get in touch. Our York-based receptionist looks forward to arranging an appointment for you at a mutually convenient time.