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June 2017 Monthly Archives

How To Transform Your Smile In Time For Your Holiday

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You’ve printed your flight tickets, scheduled an itinerary of activities for each day and planned every outfit from the shoes to the sunglasses but still don’t feel 100% prepared for your upcoming holiday. Many of us like to book in a haircut, nail appointment or pedicure before we go away, but if you want to […]


Will Invisalign Treatment Effect My Summer?

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Summer is a time for holidays, BBQs and making memories with our friends and family. However, when you suffer from misalignment, it can make you hesitant to engage in social activities if you feel unconfident about your appearance and feel the need to hide your smile. At Blossom Dental Care, we pride ourselves on the […]


5 Reasons To Try Teeth Whitening?

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Feel More Confident When you have discoloured teeth it can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance; particularly your smile. This low self-esteem can make you timid when attending social events, meeting new people and prevent you from living your life to the fullest. As well as having a negative impact on your social life […]


What Are The Benefits Of Dental Implants?

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Dental implants are an established procedure that endeavors to prevent the oral health complications that can occur as a result of tooth loss. Each implant at Blossom Dental Care, York is produced with a titanium screw, which connects to the jawbone to substitute the root of the incompetent tooth. As implants are connected to the […]