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March 2015 Monthly Archives

Easter Bunny

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The Easter Bunny is due to appear Dentist always telling you to reduce the amount of sugar in your children’s diet? You’re really trying to avoid the sweet stuff for your children but how can you deny them a small chocolate egg? The good news…..yes there really is some! Chocolate is better than jelly sweets. […]


It’s never too late for orthodontics

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Are you someone who has developed mannerisms to hide your teeth when you smile? Do you cringe when you see yourself in photographs because your teeth are crooked, crowded or widely spaced? Perhaps your dentist suggested that you have a brace when you were a teen but you just couldn’t face it at the time […]


How dental implants can improve your quality of life

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Here at Blossom Dental Care & Implant Studio in York, dental implants are an important part of our offering, not least because we see how life-changing they can be for our patients. Dental implants are the ideal solution for anyone who has a missing tooth or has lost multiple teeth. They can also be used […]