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October 2014 Monthly Archives

Stoptober – More Than Half Way There

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The year seems to be slipping away were almost through October already; October highlights Stoptober the NHS 28 day stop smoking challenge! Well done if you have managed to avoid a cigarette Have you noticed a change in your mood? What have been the highs and lows? Estimation shows the cost of smoking to the NHS […]


6500 patients diagnosed with oral cancer!!

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Every year more than 6500 of us are diagnosed with Oral Cancer (BDHF, 2014). We assume the dentist is just checking our teeth but in reality their checking inside our whole mouth. Mouth cancer is a cancer that occurs as an ulcer in any part of the mouth including the tongue surface, the lips, inside […]


Why did we decide to start a blog?

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The world is going crazy over social media; it seems to be the way we all communicate. Social media includes Facebook, Twitter and blogging. So as well as our Facebook and Twitter accounts we have started a blog. Our objective is to improve our communication skills, expertise and knowledge for your benefit. We have learned […]