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Will people notice your tooth implant when you smile?

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Smiling can improve your mood and your immune system. The very act of smiling relieves stress and is contagious, helping others relieve their stress and boost their mood too. In addition to all of this a recent survey discovered that 69% of the population find women more attractive when they smile, than when they wear make up.

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5 reasons why everyone’s raving about Invisalign

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What’s the big deal about Invisalign? It’s a braces system that offers discreet alignment for both adults and teens, but is it really as ‘practically invisible’ and effective as 5 million people worldwide seem to think it is?

We here at the Blossom Dental Studio in York are firm believers in the Invisalign braces brand. We have helped many customers achieve straighter teeth and a more attractive smile through fitting these braces and the feedback we’ve had is that they believe they felt less self conscious wearing them, than if they’d had a traditional train track style brace applied.

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How are invisible braces fitted?

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The invisible braces we use here in York are the famous Invisalign brand, which have straightened the teeth of over 5 million people worldwide. When you see them in position, you’ll be struck by how different to traditional braces they are. They’re not bonded to the teeth in any way, in fact, they’re removable.

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Adult Orthodontics in York are so Discreet You Don’t Have to Tell Anyone You’re Wearing Braces!

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You feel embarrassed about your crooked teeth, yet you haven’t yet looked into the possibility of having adult braces fitted. Why not? If you lack confidence in your smile at work, surveys have shown that you could miss out on promotion. If you don’t show your teeth in your personal dating profile, you’re less likely to be contacted.

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The Future of Dental Implants in York

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Implant dentistry is moving into a new era. Investment is being made not only in the dental implants themselves (by making them better resemble the original tooth lost by the patient), but also in the precision of fitting them. These days if you lose a tooth, modern technology and dental expertise mean you could walk away from your dentist with a secure and permanent replacement tooth in just one day. Please note though, that with teeth fitted in a day, the initial crown is temporary and won’t be replaced with your permanent crown until your gum is fully healed.

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How a Tooth Implant from our York Practice can Improve your Smile Confidence

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The Christmas lights have just been switched on in York, but are you ready for the parties of the festive season? Perhaps you’re not looking forward to them because you feel embarrassed about having a tooth missing? Having a smile you can be proud of has been linked to personal happiness  and doing well at work. Employer surveys often reveal that the subconscious mind will actively recruit those with a more attractive smile over their competitors. And when you have an office party to attend, both your progress at work and your personal happiness is at stake!

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Why Tooth Implants are more Comfortable than Dentures

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The UK is leading the way in European tooth implants. Our skilled practices make up 30% of the implant market and here, at the Blossom Dental practice in York, we deal with implant customers on a daily basis. But what makes implants the best choice of replacement teeth?

Traditional dentures certainly serve a purpose. They provide you with a set of teeth that will give you more confidence when you smile and they’ll help you chew your food. That said, given the way they are fitted into the mouth; using clasps and, in some cases, only suction, they have a tendency to move around and even drop out.

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Smile with Confidence with Dental Implants

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Did you know that over 1 million selfies are taken every single day. That’s a lot of smiles! A huge number of those selfies are then shared on social media. Do you identify with this, or did you stop smiling for selfies when you lost a tooth? If you did, you’re not alone.

Tooth loss can have a significant and detrimental effect on your smile confidence. It might not just be the photos you feel uncomfortable smiling for, but perhaps you’ve noticed that you’re smiling less altogether? If that’s the case, there’s a chance you’ll actively begin to feel less happy, simply because you’re not smiling as much.

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