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How can implants help with multiple missing teeth?

Do your dentures or bridge feel loose? Do you avoid eating certain foods? Dental implants from Blossom Dental Care & Implant Studio in York could be just what you need to anchor your denture or bridge firmly in place.

Our implant expert James Harrison has successfully placed hundreds of tooth implants for patients across York. It is possible to attach individual crowns, dentures or bridges to oral implants. The result? Secure, fixed teeth that don’t wobble, fall out or prevent you from eating the foods you most enjoy.

If you have a full set of dentures, this can be attached to four or six dental implants. Wearing loose and uncomfortable dentures can seriously limit what you eat and can have a huge impact on your appearance and self confidence.

So many people have problems
 with their dentures. They are unable to eat and chew their favorite foods, and the dentures are so big they can reduce the taste and texture of the foods they can eat.

Features & benefits of implants

  • Replace a missing tooth or multiple teeth
  • Restore your mouth’s function
  • Provide a secure anchor for dentures & bridges
  • Allow you to smile, eat and chew with confidence
  • Prevent that caved in look seen with ill-fitting dentures
  • Reduce wear & tear on the teeth near the gaps
  • The most cost effective, long lasting solution available

Why choose Blossom Dental Care & Implant Studio?

Our implant dentist is James Harrison, our clinical director. James is an experienced implantologist, with a high success rate for implants. He is also a member of the ADI (Association of Dental Implantology), the largest organisation in the UK dedicated to improving the standards of implant dentistry.

Our 10-year guarantee for implants

We are so certain of the excellent quality and craftsmanship of our dental work that we are happy to guarantee dental implants for 10 years. All we ask is that patients attend a minimum of two hygiene sessions in each year following the completion of treatment and follow the recommended maintenance programme we provide.