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What is the Solution?

If you have loose or missing teeth, wear uncomfortable dentures or have to avoid certain foods like Richard, then our Teeth in a Day dental implant treatment will transform your life. On the same day that the dental implants are placed you are fitted with with a fantastic set of fixed natural looking temporary teeth, meaning you are never left with a gap at any stage and you do not have to wear your denture while the healing takes place. After three months the temporary teeth are replaced with permanent ones and your new teeth will not only feel fantastic they will look fabulous as well.


  • Does it hurt?
  • What will the new teeth look like?
  • Do I need to be without teeth for anytime?
  • Are the teeth removable?
  • Will the procedure be costly?

Implant Retained Dentures

It is possible to provide assistance to retain and steady conventional complete dentures. The simplest method of doing this is to use a ‘press stud’ style attachment on dental implants known as a locator abutment.

It is necessary to place two or four implants in the lower jaw and a minimum of four implants in the upper jaw.

The implants have a ‘press stud’ style attachment included with the opposite end of the attachment within the denture. This allows the dentures to be pressed into the mouth and ‘clicked’ in place. Although there can still be slight movement with this restoration it is a world away from a complete denture and offers security, stability and confidence for patients who experience difficulty wearing dentures.

Dental Implants and Tooth Implants in York

Fixed Bridgework

The third way we treat patients who have lost or losing their remaining teeth is by using fixed implant supported porcelain bridges. These custom made bridges can be adapted to nearly every situation, usually 6-8 implants will be needed in each jaw to support this bridge. As a result not all patients are suitable, however they still represent the gold standard in tooth replacement and offer the patient the most natural life-like feel to their replacement teeth.