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Teeth Whitening York | Cosmetic dentist in York

  • Our skilled clinicians will transform your smile
  • Impressive results that can be life changing
  • Enlighten repairs and whitens at the same time
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Teeth whitening in York

Brighten your smile with tooth whitening

Tooth whitening is one the easiest, quickest and most cost effective ways to boost your smile and your confidence. The results can last for years and anytime you want to give your teeth an extra lift, simply apply some quick top-up gel to your trays in the comfort of your own home.

The tried and tested tooth whitening we favour is from Enlighten, which is widely considered to be the best tooth whitening system on the market. Enlighten’s new tooth serum repairs enamel and whitens teeth at the same time – and is the power behind many celebrity smiles. Enlighten’s specially constructed super-sealed trays and refrigerated whitening serum ensure fantastic results – every time.

The benefits

There are all sorts of reasons that the teeth lose their sparkle, such as smoking, drinking tea, coffee and red wine and eating certain foods, including curries. The ageing process can also lead to duller teeth. Tooth whitening at Blossom Dental Care will help rid the teeth of stains, giving you a brighter, whiter smile.

  • Boosts smiles by up to twelve shades
  • Minimal sensitivity
  • Whitening can last up to two years
  • Top ups can be carried out at home

Air polishing for extra sparkle

We recommend air polishing before tooth whitening to improve and enhance the final result.

The Enlighten journey

  • Step 1

    You will be assessed by your dentist or hygienist to check your suitability.

  • Step 2

    Custom-made, wafer-thin trays will be created to perfectly fit your teeth for optimal whitening results.

  • Step 3

    Once your trays have been crafted we will check the fit, demonstrate the process and provide you with the whitening serum to apply at home. We will undertake air polishing should you decide to make the most of the whitening treatment.

  • Step 4

    Beautifully brighter teeth are yours within two weeks.